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Alberobello - Puglia's rural soul

Have you ever heard of the Trulli dwellings? The typical expressions of Puglia's rural soul? You can find these small, round, whitewashed rural buildings spread all over the countryside and in the towns of the Itria Valley!

The greatest concentration of Trulli can be found in Alberobello, known as "la città dei Trulli" (the town made of Trulli), recently included into UNESCO's world heritage site and, as such, the best spot for seeing Trulli close-up!

So, if you do not want to miss the chance to discover the origins of this masterpiece of peasant civilisation, take a stroll through Alberobello, a dreamlike small town that takes on a fairy-tale look and is filled with Trulli. It looks like a perfect place for housing trolls, elves, goblins, dwarves and any other heroes from the fantasy universe of a children's book! Even your children will be very keen to get there!

In Alberobello, do not miss:
  • Rione Monti, a district consisting of about 1.000 Trulli, including the "trulli siamesi";
  • Aja Piccola, a village made up of a network of tiny streets and alleyways;
  • Trullo Sovrano, the biggest Trullo, split over two levels, today housing a museum that recreates the atmosphere of peasant's life;
  • Church of Sant'Antonio, in a trullo shape, located in the Rione Monti;
  • The House of Love, the first house built in limestone, in 1797, which today is the Tourist Office;
  • The Basilica of Santi Medici, dedicated to doctors and the Saints Cosma and Damiano, which holds their relics.
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