Relax Puglia - Booking Conditions
Rental Booking Terms and Conditions
Relax Puglia Limited supplies selected accommodations and services on behalf of owners of properties in the Puglia region of Italy. Each of the properties are inspected by Relax Puglia Limited staff periodically throughout the year to ensure standards are maintained, if not managed directly by them.

In proceeding with our booking conditions, you are agreeing to accept those conditions. We ask you to read them carefully. Nothing in these Booking Conditions affects your normal statutory rights.

1.Making your booking and paying the initial deposit
Initially you will complete a booking form providing us with details of the group you are travelling with, contact details, ages of any children and specifics or requirements that affect your stay with us. The booking form will also demonstrate the dates on when or how the rental payments and security deposit are to be made. You, as the main contact, will also confirm that you are 18 years old or above and that you are authorised to use the information supplied of the other members of the group.

When you book the property with us and have returned the completed and signed initial Booking Form, you then need to send the Initial 30% Deposit of the total rental fee to the specified bank account detailed in your contract on or before the date stipulated.

You can pay through pay pal facilities which accept credit card payments or by bank transfer directly to the business account held in the name of Relax Puglia Limited in either Euro or Pound Sterling, depending on which currency has been specified on your booking form.

IMPORTANT Please note that the Initial Deposit is only refundable if you cancel your booking within seven days of receiving our written and signed confirmation of your booking.

Your booking is made as a consumer for the purpose of a holiday and you acknowledge that no liability can be accepted for any business losses howsoever suffered or incurred by you.

Once we have received the completed Booking Form, we will sign and return it, which you may accept as our written confirmation. The contract between us will be formed however only when we have received the deposit and the booking is therefore subject to these terms and conditions.

You should carefully check the details of the booking form and inform us immediately of any errors or omissions.

2. Paying for your 2nd instalment and security deposit
You are required to send to us the second instalment for the balance of the Rental price prior to your Arrival Date as set out in the booking form through your chosen method of payment. Should you fail to make a payment due to us in full and on time, in the first instance, we ask that you contact us immediately to advise us if you are having difficulties making the payment or need more time. Otherwise, in the absence of the second instalment, Relax Puglia Limited reserve the right to cancel your booking.

A security deposit is required on check in and the amount required in EURO cash is to be applied against replacement of the property furnishings, fixtures and fittings or exceptional cleaning that may be required if the property is not left in the state in which it was found. The security deposit is payable on arrival, at check in, and will be returned on departure unless there are damages. In such case that damages are found on check out, a report will be made to the owners and the deposit will be held for a further 72 hours, released once the damages report and any costs associated with it have been assessed.

If the damages assessed are in excess of the security deposit, the guest must cover the cost.

Please provide us with correct and complete bank account details in order that we may return your security deposit without unnecessary delays on your departure should we be required to retain it (less, relative costs for any damages if applicable). We will not be responsible for exceptional charges, commissions or related costs, charged by the bank due to information supplied being incorrect or incomplete at the time of check out.

3. If you cancel or amend your booking
If you need to cancel or amend your booking you must send us an email or communicate by telephone any modification or cancellation as soon as possible.

You will also be required to confirm your cancellation or modification in writing to the addresses shown on our booking form. A cancellation will not take effect until we receive written confirmation from you, and it has been acknowledged by us.

Should you cancel your booking within ten days of receiving our written confirmation for a valid and credible reason, documented with a letter from a Doctor for example and we are satisfied that your cancellation is justified, we will refund the initial deposit to you less an administration fee of €50. After such period, should you cancel your booking more than six weeks prior to the Arrival Date, we will retain the Initial Deposit and your holiday rental booking will be deemed cancelled.

If we have also received the second instalment, the final rental balance, six weeks prior to your arrival as required by the agreement and thereafter you then cancel; we reserve the right to retain 100% of the rental cost. In these circumstances we will only refund the second instalment ie. 70% (less any costs incurred to find an alternative booking) to you, if, we are able to secure an alternative booking for the Property at the same selling price it was sold to you.

If any member of the group withdraws from the holiday, we will require written confirmation prior to your arrival and before check-in. Please not also requirements under Point 11.

4. If we cancel or amend your booking
We would not expect to have to make any changes to your booking, but sometimes problems occur, and we do have to make alterations or, very occasionally cancel bookings.

If this does happen, we will contact you as soon as is reasonably practical and inform you of the cancellation or the change to your booking and, if it is necessary to cancel your booking, we will refund the balance of any money you have paid us.

Relax Puglia reserves the right to modify prices on the website from time to time, for example if corrections are required as errors may occur, or the changes may be made at the owners request or due to market changes in the exchange rate or due to unsold weeks that need to be modified.

5. Force Majeure
Compensation will not be payable if we are forced to cancel or make changes to your booking because of circumstances beyond our control. We are not liable to you for compensation in such cases of where the supplier of services could not be provided, even with all due care and attention taken, that could not be foreseen or avoided. These include, but are not limited by, war, threat of war, civil strife, riot, any labour dispute but not limited to strikes and industrial action, terrorist activity and consequences of or threat of terrorist activity, acts of God, natural or nuclear disasters, earthquakes or volcanic explosions, fire or explosion, chemical or biological disaster and adverse weather conditions, sea, sun, ice or bodies of water adverse conditions, epidemics and pandemics, collapse of building structures or similar events outside our or the supplier’s control.

In the event of a Force Majeure resulting in you having to prolong your stay at the accommodation, beyond the length of the booking period stipulated in the agreement, we will consult the owners of the property for a pro rata rate to be applied to the extended time in the accommodation. In such event we or our suppliers are not obliged to pay any compensation for the prolonged stay nor are they in any way in breach of their contract nor liable if they are unable to extend the stay due to Force Majeure.

In all cases we advise you to take the necessary travel insurance cover required that would cover you, your group and members travelling with you, during your holiday period and in cases of force majeure, that would affect your travel arrangements.

6. Your accommodation
You can arrive at your accommodation after 4pm on the Arrival Date of your holiday and you must leave by 10 am on the Departure Date. Exceptions may be considered depending on the arrival and departure of other incoming and outgoing holidaymakers.

Once an appointment has been booked, to be agreed prior to your arrival, to enter the accommodation or meet at the appointed meeting place and you should decide to delay your arrival or be delayed for any reason, please contact the person on your booking form without delay. New arrangements will be made to accommodate your delay. Delays which cause a late arrival or pre-determined arrivals which surpass the hour of 8pm will be charged as an extra late arrival charge of €50.00, payable at check – in.

7. Holiday Insurance
Holiday insurance is the responsibility of you and the members in your group with whom you are travelling with. Relax Puglia Limited accepts no responsibility for loss, damage, personal injury or the cost of medical care or treatment. In such case that you require medical attention during your holiday and need a translator or assistance, please contact the person on your booking agreement at the earliest opportunity.

8. Your obligations
We ask that all damages or breakages are reported immediately in order that breakages may be replaced, and damages rectified without delay.

You agree to comply with the Regulations as stated in the Property guide and any other regulations reasonably made from time to time and ensure that they are observed by all members of your party.

You agree to keep and leave the Property and the furnishings, kitchen equipment, crockery, glasses, clean and in good condition. The property will be cleaned, and all towels and linen will be washed on your departure. All rubbish must be disposed of before your departure in the manner which is indicated in your Property Guide or instructions as provided on entry to the property.

You agree not to cause any damage to the walls, doors or windows of the Property nor to do anything that may be reasonably considered to cause a nuisance or annoyance to us or to any other occupier of adjoining or neighbouring properties.

You agree not to cause any damage to the pool, surroundings or furniture nor stain furniture or accessories with the use of sun creams and lotions.

You agree to take all necessary steps to safeguard your personal property. No liability to you is accepted in respect of damage to or loss of such property, except where the damage or loss is caused by our negligence.

You agree to take full responsibility for the children in your care and ensure their safety at all times; especially in the vicinity of the pool, dry stone walling or on roof tops where accessible.

You agree to ensure that each member of your party is covered by comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation, flight delays, loss and damage to baggage and other property) and health insurance (including evacuation and repatriation coverage).

You cannot allow more people to stay in the Property than expressly authorised, nor can you significantly change the makeup of the party during your stay in the Property, nor can you take your pet into the Property unless it has been arranged in advance and it is shown on your confirmation. If you do so, we can refuse to hand over the Property to you or can require you to leave it. We will treat any of these circumstances as a cancellation of the booking by you.

You agree to allow us or any representative of ours access at any reasonable time during your stay for the purpose of essential repairs, pool maintenance, utility deliveries and/or the mid-stay clean as applicable. The dates and times will be communicated in advance.

You agree to exercise reasonable and polite behaviour towards any staff members or representatives of the owner whilst carrying out their duties.

9. Our liability to you
It is the responsibility of Relax Puglia Limited, to provide accommodation in accordance with the description supplied on making your booking. Relax Puglia takes reasonable care to ensure that the description matches the booked property. Sometimes changes are made to a property by the owner without our knowledge, however, Relax Puglia takes reasonable measures to be informed by the owners that any changes are improvements to the description and not with a negative impact.

Relax Puglia is not a Tour Operator but a supplier of accommodation only. Additional services suggested or organised for you to create a more memorable holiday (for example, boat trips, bike tours, chef-in-house, massage services) are to be paid locally at the pre-agreed price directly to the supplier. Relax Puglia is not liable to compensation in such case that you are not satisfied with the services supplied nor is Relax Puglia responsible for making payments on your behalf. Relax Puglia will assist in making bookings and organising additional services where requested without any liability to them.

10. Complaints
Every effort has been made to ensure that you have an enjoyable and memorable holiday. However, if you have any cause for complaint it is important that remedial action is taken as soon as possible.

It is essential that you contact us if any problem arises so that it can be speedily resolved. It is often extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible) to resolve problems properly unless we are promptly notified. Discussion of any criticisms or issues whilst you are in residence will usually enable shortcomings to be rectified within a short time period. In particular, complaints of a transient nature (for example, regarding preparation or heating of the Property) cannot possibly be investigated unless registered whilst you are in residence.

11. Photo ID, tourist taxes
The Italian legislation requires that all visitors to Italy are registered with the local police within 24 hours of arrival. They require names, dates of birth, birthplace, passport numbers and details of the length of stay and where they are staying. We therefore kindly request that all guests supply a copy of their passport prior to their arrival in order that the welcoming staff may register the required information within the stated timescale at the police station. Without such information made available in good time as requested, the obligation to the police will be your responsibility only.

Where applicable tourist taxes will be collected on the day of check out and deposited at the relative council. Each council has different pricing and therefore you will be advised of the amount per occupant, if at all, in your agreement with Relax Puglia Limited. The amount paid is a daily tax therefore is calculated by the number of days each guest occupies the property. Tourist taxes are not applicable to children under 12 and not all areas at the time of publication apply a tourist tax.