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Depending on your flight arrangements, chances are you will arrive just after lunch or late at night which means that you may be hungry or tired if not both. Having just endured a long journey, hauled luggage and queued for the hire car;  so you will probably just want to unwind, explore your home for the next few days, dive in the pool and have a glass of wine…when finally you do arrive.

Not with mentioning that the lunchtime siesta in Puglia begins at 1pm and goes through to about 5pm giving you little opportunity to shop for the essentials!! Neither are restaurants open all day. They respect lunchtime hours and re-open in the evening around 9pm.

We have therefore decided to offer a Food Hamper Service.

By booking one of our food hampers, you will arrive at your villa to find a well-stocked kitchen, with enough essentials to get you through until you next decide to venture out.

You have a choice of three different hamper sizes:
– Small €50 (+ a €20 service fee)
– Medium €100 (+ a €25 service fee)
– Large €150 (+ a €30 service fee).

Please Note:

  • the specified quantities and contents of each hamper are approximate and depend on availability and seasonality of foods.
  • prices are approximate and may be a few Euros more or less – receipts will be provided and payment should be made accordingly on arrival at your villa to the Property Manager.
  • please order at least 1 week before your arrival date.
  • to book, simply send us an email, we can then send you the Shopping Cart List.
  • Or book a Chef instead?