Locorotondo - Its name is derived from Latin “locus rotundus"

Locorotondo - Its name is derived from Latin “locus rotundus"

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Locorotondo – Its name is derived from Latin “locus rotundus

A hilltop town which takes its name from the round shape of its floor plan. Its name is derived from Latin locus rotundus that just means “round place”. With its glistening whitewashed buildings and typical cummerse, narrow rectangular town houses with peaked roofs, are remindful of north European architecture.

Locorotondo immediately captivates your attention and imagination as you approach from the road below. It looks like a natural balcony over the Itria Valley: from its panoramic viewpoint you can enjoy a stunning view over the surrounding landscape speckled with olive groves, vineyards, Trulli and masserie (farmhouses).

Wandering the streets in the old town it is easy to understand why Locorotondo is for most locals and tourists, a gemstone of the Trulli region: houses painted in white, limestone pavements, balconies adorned with red flowers, tiny courtyards, pretty gardens, baroque archways, churches in different styles…everything is set in a quiet and paradisiacal atmosphere!

And if you do appreciate a good glass of wine and want to get an insight into the wine culture of the region, take the chance to visit the Cantina Sociale, a wine cooperative with its famous D.O.C. white wine and a great variety of other high quality wines.
In Lorocotondo, do not miss:
• The Mother Church, built between 1790 and 1825 and devoted to St. George, the town’s patron saint;
• St. Nicholas Church, built like a temple but with a trullo dome;
• St. Maria della Greca Church, late Romanesque in style, dating from the 12th / 13th century, with a beautiful rose window.
• The Feast of Saint Rocco, which takes place on the 16th of August, with a breathtaking fireworks competition.

Country Locorotondo is a hilltop town which takes its name from the round shape of its floor plan.
Nearest Airport

Locorotondo is in the Bari region and the airport serves it well. Only 45 minutes drive and you are in the old town. Bari is also well connected to international hubs around the world. Brindisi is growing in popularity and a 50 minute drive away and connected to European cities.

Languages spokenItalian but a lot of people are now using English on menus in restaurants. Many of the locals speak French or German too as they have had to re-located for work.
Currency usedEuro
Area (km2)47 km2

Sports & nature

How about a Saturday evening guided stroll in the old town of Locorotondo to kick off your holidays. In the hotter months of July and August animation and educational workshops are also available for children.

If you need something more physical, you could book a beach tennis or beach volley court. The courts are open late and attract many onlookers, so don't be shy, your on stage.

Locorotondo is also open to a cycle tour of the town itself. Enquire with us for a special trip with Guide.

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Nightlife info

Need to liven up your summer holiday? The Locus Festival visits Locorotondo and the Valle d'Itria every summer. 2016 holds the 12th edition. It is a mixture of art and music with international and local guests.

Locorotondo has become the hip town in Valle d'Itria with restaurants and bars offering free live entertainment to patrons. There's the Pit Stop, there's Pupi e Pupe, there's Movida Night Club, and finally it's coffee time!

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Culture and history info

Like many of the old towns in Puglia, Locorotondo is a mixture of cultures and historys thanks to the Greeks, the Romans, the Goths, the Lombards, the Byzantines, the Sicilians, the Turks and the Venetians; each in turn left their mark upon the hill top town of Locorotondo.

The town is as white as any other in the Valle d'Itria, originally done to keep away the pest and other disease but today, there is a legal requirement enforcing home owners to maintain the houses white but as not all people have the finances to keep up with the law, the councilcreated a fund for those in need so they may keep within the law enforcers boundaries.

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Bina without a doubt should be on your list of restaurants for dining. The Chef, Bina, has a colourful and original style of cooking. And its important you give her or her husband feedback.

You'll find them off the main fairway that takes you past the civic hall. -
Via Dottor Recchia, 44/50, Locorotondo - 080 431 1784.

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